Who Is the New Generation Roaddawg LLC?

The New Generation Roaddawg LLC is an organization dedicated to changing and improving the current culture regarding drinking and driving. We want to make a difference in peoples' lives regarding deaths /or injuries related to drinking and driving. The" drink responsible" idea needs improvement. The New Generation Roaddawg LLC believes it will improve the idea ... the culture ... the way that people take on the role of being responsible for themselves and others when they "party hard" and drink alcoholic beverages.

This organization was put together by a group of people that work hard and "party hard". We know what it is like to work hard all week and party for relaxation and fun. We believe this is the way many people live their lives. That is part of life. We do it too! But we all have friends that were involved in accidents due to drinking and driving. Maybe they came out all right; but someone else was injured or killed. We all care about our friends, family and others. It is time to make people think more about being responsible for their actions. It is time to make a difference. What about a new way to describe a designated driver?

Professional Bass Fisherman Cody Bird teams up
with Roaddawg and Kickerfish to promote the concept
"Don't drink and drive on land or water."

That's why "Roaddawg" will make a difference. We will focus on two (2) major goals as we begin the The New Generation Roaddawg LLC.

1. The introduction of the next ... new generation of designated drivers. People that care. They will be known as a "Roaddawg".
2. By promoting "Roaddawg"; we hope to change and improve the idea regarding responsible drinking and driving in a positive and new, cool way that reaches all age groups.

We are the "new dawg in town" with a new idea. An idea to save lives. We care about people. That is who we are. We hope you agree with us and become a "Roaddawg". Drink Responsibly ... or get a Roaddawg. We want you to be safe and come back and party again.

Kelley "Roaddawg" Jones Sr.
DeLane Jones

The Concept

There are many programs that inform us of the issues involved with drinking and driving. I think Roaddawg is different. It is not just a word; but a combination of things based on the word Roaddawg. Our concept starts with the word and grows from there.

Roaddawg word. Unique. Cool, a word you remember. That is part of the reason for the way the word is put together. We want this word to stick in your mind. We want it to be "cool" whenever you want to say it.

Roaddawg Logo. Unique. Different. Cool looking logo you will recognize. The logo attracts your attention. It makes you want to know, what is it? A logo you would wear on an item, anywhere.

Roaddawg items. They will contain the unique logo designed to be cool and good looking. Caps. Blouses. T-shirts. Koozies. Jackets. Window stickers and other items. To remind you and your friends ... be one or get one.

Roaddawg Blues, the message in music. We have all listened to the party songs. We listen to the words, we sing along. We have all danced to them too. Have you ever heard a song about getting a designated driver? No. That's just another reason for this song. This is a good dancing song and a song you can sing along with anytime. We want the message to be heard at the place where it is needed the most ... at the party ... the dance ... the ball game ... the bar ... etc. We expect Roaddawg Blues to become one of the great "closing songs" of all time. A song to play just before the party is over. A song to remind you to look around and get a "Roaddawg" for a safe ride home or to any other destination. Can't you just hear the "Roaddawg Blues" music playing in the background behind a beer commercial ... on televison or on the radio. "Drink responsibly or get a Roaddawg"? I can assure you it will have an impact. People will remember Roaddawg Blues.

Concept Summary

The "Roaddawg Concept" will find its way into all areas of our society through music,televison commercials,radio,wearables,window stickers and much more. All in a way that will be unique,cool and to the point. This concept is a new way to reach out to everyone with a new idea, drink responsibly or get a Roaddawg.

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